Maui x LSD seedlings

I would probably have it higher at that power for seedlings. But if they look ok just leave them go.

@Sixpackdad Put the 5 Maui x LSD seedlings into 1 gallon. When ready I will clone and see if I have any females. The little ones are the LSD and Bergmans Gold Leaf. They sprouted 3-3 and 3-4 so may put them in 5gals next week or so. Awiating more hangers for the second QB260 XL light.

For the soil I used 2 parts Happy Frog and 1 part Perlite. Watered with 6.5ph ro water.

Right now there is one and at 50% and today after transplant moved to 24" in height. @dbrn32


Today I moved the peat pots under the Aerogrow led as I had 2 more sprouts from my seedling dilemma. I put a piece of blue painters tape over the adjusment hole in the QB260 and used a screwdriver and twist tie and marked low and high on the tape with a sharpie. Then marked center between l/h and centers again. So now I have marks for 135w-172w-210w-247w-285w.

I set to 172w and moved lights to 30" and will monitor from here. Mauis will be 2 weeks old starting tomorrow-wed-thurs-fri. I plan on adding one setting a week in watts so about 35w a week. This will put light at full power on week 5. Is this acceptable? @dbrn32

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I try not to be at height and full power until a couple weeks after flip.

@dbrn32 Sorry for all the questions but first time with leds. So for me I would think 6-7 weeks max on veg then flip to 12/12. So if I up power slower, every 10 days to 2 weeks sounds about right. Then How do I control height? Just raise a bit as plants continue to grow? Do I let them get a bit closer as they mature? What height do I finish at for flowering and full power? 12"? 15"? 18"? More?

You have two 260 xl kits in 4x4 right?

@dbrn32 Yes. at this time I have only 1 on. second one going up today.

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Probably like 16-18" at full power when you’re done. You’re looking for good balance of coverage and intensity. If you’re at that height vegging there’s probably not a lot of reason to be above about 3/4 power or a little higher. After you flip let them stretch for couple weeks and then start increasing leaving few days between adjustments.

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Thank you :grinning: I am carving that into stone and mounting in the garden!

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Here are the 5 Maui’s. Sitting in their 1 gallon pots

And the seedlings I moved to the Aerogarden LED

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As you read I raised the lights to 30" yesterday and did a calibration on the dimmer so I know where I am at. I moved down a bit to 172w and I have to say…

WOW!!! Today they look like they doubled in size and the new growth is nice and green. I cant wait to see what tomorrow brings and tomorrow I will take a new pic for you to see. Thanks all who have been helping me with my new experiences with the QB LED’s. It is nice to be finally getting dialed in and seeing results.

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Tent is doing well so far. I dont have a fan or the exhaust fan and filter in yet. I just got a 4" oscillating clip on to try and will get it set up this weekend maybe. Any way hope I am not asking too many questions but trying new soil and nutes so I have a few, and first time tent :slightly_smiling_face:

@Sixpackdad @dbrn32 @shindig153 @SCunkApe The Maui x LSD are now two weeks old. Do they look ok? I think so. So for todays question. when do I start using the nutes and schedule? I am going to try FF Trio and Cal/Mag Plus. The plants are in FF Happy Frog 2 to 1 with perlite. So far just 6.5ph RO water.

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Plants look pretty good. You’re in pretty good sized pot for plants that size, so I would think still be a little bit before you need to feed. Just keep eye on them for now, you’ll know if they start getting hungry.

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Thanks. The 5 gals in front are 2 Bergmans Gold Leaf in terra cotta colored pots and LSD in the black pot. I need to clone the 1 gal Maui x LSD to find females then bump to 5 gals.

So what do you look for when looking for feeding signs? Is there anything you see first to let you know?

@dbrn32 @shindig153 @Sixpackdad @SCunkApe I mixed up 15ml Big bloom( 0-0.5-0.7) to a gallon of RO water, this is 1/2 strength, and watered a bit yesterday. Plants are looking well. The pictures of the single plant are all of Plant #1. In the group photo it is the one in the back right corner. First pic had flash the others none.


My pH pen was getting really weird last night so I researched here and ordered the Apera ph20. Coming today.

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Do you have grow big? When she’s ready for feeding, that would be part of trio she will probably need most during veg.

@dbrn32 Yes I have the FF Trio. According to their schedule seedlings and clones and first week uses just Big Bloom. Then after second week Grow Big is added to the Big bloom. I am assuming this is because of seedling size and not using N yet.

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I assume you that you’re assuming correctly. You should be pretty well set. Make sure to flush at recommended intervals, seems to be issues when people don’t.

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Ok thanks for that info . I do have the Sledghammer flush

. I need to read and figure out where and when to use the Cal Mag Plus. Do you know if it is used at 1/2 strength or more or less and used weekly or so as a preventative measure? Would it be worth asking this question on a new thread?

Thanks RAP