Maui Wowie & GG4 Grow

Thanks, Pat! Yeah, super excited about this second round. Feels like it’s “official” haha.


I believe most of my MWs ran about 9 weeks. They were mostly cloudy with maybe 3-5% amber. The GG4s I let go about a week longer and had close to 10-15% amber. I wanted to let those go a little bit more, but we had a house guest coming to stay with us for a few days that made me want to make sure everything was harvested, dried and trimmed before they arrived. lol. Even with that said though, still super happy with it.

Your plants seem to be much healthier than mine were, so I can see why yours may be taking more time to develop. I had 3 plants that I discovered while I was trimming had hermied because I had to pop a few seeds out.


Maybe not easier but i kinda know what im looking for and what to expect now lol. I imagine as the grows go on it will become second nature but im still feeling everything out this go around :rofl:


9 weeks is a short cycle … i harvested a little too soon on my first run and i think this contributed to loss of flavor and overall quantity… this time i am taking them past (all except one) the 20% amber to see if the flavors and stickieness improve… i am staggering this harvest. I just chopped one Mauie Wowie that was 10% amber, it was on its 9th week. The other MW and the two NY Diesels are taking long and i have no issues with that. I flushed all 3 down to 300 PPM to let them use up all they have stored away to see if this helps with anything. One thing i did notice after the big flush is that they are producing more resins and getting stickier. Could be that i shocked them and they are compensating for lack of nutrients at the rootzone… i might even feed them in a week if they seem like they want to go longer… once the pots dry ill make a decision then.


Where you going to put all them?
My Maui W are about 4 weeks behind yours and coming nicely.