Massive hair and tiny finger leaves

A question of a fellow grower:

I developed a problem with a crop of 30 just being taken off the stems after hanging for a week.
Can you offer me some advice?

What happened was – April 2018 super grow – claimed bragging rights with my success.

I duplicated this again in early July/August and thought it was great – hairs browned at the 26th o august and started to flush and take down the plants to hang.

I started to take buds off the plants and noticed massive hair and tiny finger leaves - no green bud inside at all – the hairs are solid crystal and it is great smoke – buds do appear to be perfect but did not appear to have finished.

The clones came to me from a friend that thought they were Dream Queen but personally I doubt it as I have checked it out thru a Google site and even your site and no resemblance.

The odor while curing was horrific in being so strong but off the stems the odor disappeared overnight = my wife tells me I am nose blind as I reek coming in the house after a stretch in my little work shop = I’ve been working to perfect my grow for just over 2 years with each getting better.

I’ve even rolled trimmings and it is great smoke – no harshness or coughing at all – finger leaves also go into brownies for my wife as she is on home oxygen and cannot smoke. Brownies are out of this world experience for me – 8 hours to clear my system until I am straight. I am 77 next month and been smoking for the past 20-25 years.

The grow may have been a special strain but but can find nothing on it.

I’d appreciate anything you can help with.

Can’t do anything about what is harvested. The smell is decided by each strain.
Once you are in a smell for 30 minutes…you dun smell it now more. Acclimation.

Sparse colas is usually the result of low light strength, poor food, and/or…very hot temps.

Dun like smelly weed…pick another strain.

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It sounds like a strain called (fuicy fruit) lot’s of red hair… no green … crazy right?
Been growing it for a couple of years… very strange looking bud , but super smelly… :wink:
Super relaxing strain… :grin:


I often become desensitized to the scent of the strains I’m growing. I can’t smell much, but everyone else can. :+1: