Marshydro phtds pens

Are these any good and how reliable are they says they do not need calibrating often as they come pre calibrated??? Anyone used these need advice before I buy one

they work for awhile and then they will need calibration and sometimes they don’t calibrate in my experience…I currently am using the APERA model for my hydro needs and I am very happy with it compared to all the others I have used over the years


Any links for ones recommended

mine is the APERA PC60 combo meter…bought on amazon


Cheap tds meters are ok and can work for a good while.
Tds isnt so important that even if its off 50ppm, its not going to cause any issues 9 times out of 10.

Ph meters are a different story, these really need to be good quality in most cases so we get precise accurate readings.
I use these myself, the truncheon tds metter never needs calibrated (theres no buttons or way to calculate it) but its pricey.

OK guys this is on way with buffers and new tip

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Thats a good choice. U will love it.


Thanks poseidon I’ll tag u in my journal and you can play our guessing game

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