Mars hydro ts300p


Could i get some help with this light ? Do i use the dimmer at all or just have it at 100 percent and move the light ?

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TS300P is not anything from Mars Hydro…Are you sure that model number is correct?
TS3000 ?


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I’ve got the TS2000 I leave mine at 100% and adjust height as needed but your version has an easy to access dimmer - you may dial it to 60% and bump it up a few weeks into the grow as the gals get bigger😁

@neofirebird hey thanks… I have it set up at 24 inch on 50 percent… the temp is pretty warm… let’s see how the first night goes

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Yes. TS3000


The light should come with some recommendation as well as far as percentage and height, at least for beginning stage.

Yea it doesn’t. So I’ll just wing it for now and watch how it goes