Marijuana seedlings in small and large containers

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a major problem. All of the WW opened and 4 out of 5 GL opened in water. I put some in small containers, (cup size), and half in large containers, (5 gallon size). All of the large container plantings either didn’t come up or came up and died immediately. All of the small container size are fine. What is wrong??? Does the size of the container impact the seed? If so, how? How could a seed know what size container is was planted in??? If I used the same soil and they had the same environmental conditions it has to be the container, right? If it is the container size when should I switch the small container ones to large containers? I only had 5 GL and now I’m down to 2. So its important these survive.

  1. What kind of soil in both containers?
  2. How much water have you been giving them?

Sounds maybe like pythium or maybe the soil is too rich?. Are you sure you aren’t over watering? Both of Old Goat’s questions are likely because he’s thinking similar to me that maybe the growing medium is too wet and causing low oxygen situation in the soil/medium leading to a imbalance of the micro-biome in the soil and an increase in bad anaerobic microbes that can lead to pythium or the soil is too hot/rich (too much nutrients in the soil for a seedling) and the newly developed roots burn and die.