Marijuana Nutrient Leaf Deficiencies

I’d like to thank Bhang Buddie for uploading this pic and thought it would also be a good idea to make it a sticky in this section :slight_smile:

What would cause the very tip of my plants W>W to turn yellow. They are getting the grow booster when needed and water in between. They are under a 1000 watt HPS so they dry out much quicker thus the water cause they do show signs a wilt every now and then and the water brings them right back. But getting back to my question the yellowing tips…what’s up with that any ideas? Other than that everything looks great.


What is the ppm of your run off? What is your pH? Sounds like a little nutrient burn.

Anyone if anything tell me what’s this. It’s gotten slightly worse in 8 hours.

Also don’t have meters yet. Overall health is good.