Marijuana lighting

A question from a fellow grower:

I messed up on the timing of the lighting so they are probably confused, the poor plants lol. I have very limited income so I Have to make do with what I have. Some nights my lights get left on all night and sometimes off at midnight back on at 5am.

My question is what is the next best thing to do. What kind of timing should I have on these plants.

Also please note in the photo, I accidentally planted two together and so just left then and those two seem to be doing better than all the others!! Maybe plants need a partner too. :slight_smile:

Get a timer and set it to 18 hours on, and 6 hours off. After another 4-6 weeks, change timer to 12 on 12 off

Carefully separate and remove one of the 2 plants growing together. Transplant it to another pot.

There is not really any harm leaving the two in the same pot except then they will have to compete for resources and space, meaning each plant will only get to be about half of what it could be in its own pot. If you are going to separate them, do it now before they develop too much more roots and get so tangled up together you won’t be able to separate them. Be very very careful if you do separate them.

BTW, they are so young that they will likely not have any stress from the inconsistent light as of yet. Get them into the short dark period vegetative light cycle Latewood recommended and make sure they get on a schedule they can count on. Consistency, the lights turning off at the same time of day and then on the next day at its proper time – regardless of light cycle, short dark for veg 16h or more on/8h or less off (18/6 being most common), or long dark for flower 12h or less on/12h or more off (12/12 being most common)-- is the best way to avoid light related stress problems.

A suggestion separating the two, pour water slowly on the soil while carefully uprooting one of them. They shouldn’t have many horizontal roots yet and you want to separate them before they do grow a bunch of lateral roots tangling up in each other. Avoid damaging the roots as much as possible. While they are still young and as long as you don’t damage the primary root/tap root, the one you separate should do just fine with little to no transplant shock.

I agree with Mac’ - you could easily leave the two together, and train them apart as they grow. I’d do this, probably 'cuz I’m lazy (sometimes).