Marijuana growing in a Cash Crop 4.0 Grow Box

From a fellow grower:

My friend and I have recently purchased the Cash Crop 4.0 and are going to start an indoor grow, we purchased the 3ft tall one, with the CO2 enhancer. Comes with 6 pots and 6 starter plugs. We were looking into buying some OG Kush feminized seeds off your website. We are new to growing, so we just had a few questions. First, we wanted to try the Sea Of Green Method, I’ve done a lot of research and it looks like we just grow the seed out to a foot tall and then try to flower it from then? How long will this take to harvest? And what yield should we expect per plant? The lights are 60 watt CFL each. What exactly do you think we should try to have the best results from the Sea of Green method? Any tips would be helpful, thanks a lot.

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