Marijuana grower moved from Tennesee to Italy

A question from a fellow grower:

I have always grown outdoors, and always in the ground… I’m from Tennessee and a country
girl at heart… I’m an avid gardener, tomatoes being one of my favorites. Have always grown my “baby girls” right there beside the vines. Always have had very great success
with this method…I recently married an Italian and now live in Italy…This is the first time I have ever grown in containers…I really haven’t had any trouble till NOW!!!
By this time of the year back home my buds are 10/12 inches long and ready to harvest. The plants I am growing now are just barely budding. I realize we have had a lot of rain
This year in our region(Sacile,PN) even hail a few times. Is it just where I live???

Something to think about, if your latitude, closer or farther from the equator, is different now in Italy, this will change your harvest time as the daily hours of light and dark will be different. The closer you get to the equator the more the day is closer to 12/12 despite the time of year, at the equator the day is 12/12 pretty much all year long. Also some strains take a lot longer than others, some can flower in a little as 50 days and some can be as long as around 80 days.

For sure. It looks to me like you have some nice plants that are still going to fill out for a while.