Marijuana grow room ventilation

A question from a fellow grower:

is ventilation beyond a couple open windows adequate for good growth?

Well, a couple of open windows will give your inside girls the same air that the outside everything utilizes. So - it is adequate to produce some amount of weed. If you are interested in maximizing you output per plant/per grow, you might want to think about CO 2 enrichment. FYI - I grew in basements for years with little ventilation, and got reasonable results.

For good ventilation; You need an inlet with cool air to replace stale hot air.

Better off getting a window AC. It will allow you to keep temps perfect, and it will recirculate the air in the room. Peace

I’m growing in containers, moving them indoors and outdoors.
At night they are in a sealed cool room with fan…maybe a/c
When the light is on, the window is open partially, and the fan and a/c are on. Sometimes I leave the door open for more air. So far so good, starting flowering stage soon