Marijuana greenhouse in the winter

A question from a fellow grower:

I want to be able to grow in my greenhouse year round and I’ve though up an idea to use the earths natural heat to heat up the greenhouse in the winter.

Here’s my beautiful drawing.

The pipes would be made out of PVC and I’m thinking of putting oil in it because it does not freeze and keeps the heat longer but I’m not sure if it heats up fast enough.

A simple pool pump will circulate the oil through the pipes.

Do you think this would work? Will the earths heat, heat up the oil enough to keep the greenhouse warm? Would water with antifreeze be better?

Also CFL lights will be hung in the winter.

If you want to radiate the found heat into a buried pipe system, you do not bury it any deeper than 1’. You would be better off in investing in a radiant floor system in poured concrete.

Biiger question. Where are you? What type of climate, temps?

An update from a fellow grower:

I am in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you are planning on growing in MInn., in the Winter; This will not work. The ground will be too cold. You will have to excavate 4" down, and lay tek foil (air barrier down, and pour a slab with pex pipe to allow for a small radiant heated floor.