Marijuana for parkinsons

A question from a fellow grower:

I am a totally law-abiding citizen who is extremely nervous about this. However, my husband suffers from Parkinson’s. He is in pain. His sleep suffers, and he shakes. I have read that marijuanna helps. I live in New York. At 62, I’m apprehensive about purchasing grass. I just wouldn’t know where to start or who to trust. Nor do I want to support crime. I just want to help my husband. If I buy seeds from you, will I end up in jail? Also, I don’t even know what seeds would work best. The purpose is not to get high, just to help the Parkinsons. I think I only need one plant which I could grow over my sink in the kitchen.

If you make a purchase with this company, at worst, you will receive a notice that a package being shipped to you was intercepted that contained something that didn’t belong, the package is discrete and has no mention of cannabis or marijuana. Also the stealth aspect is very very good and it will very likely get to you with no problems. In the case it is intercepted, there is nothing connecting you to any wrong doing, all billing is very discrete as well and will appear as a very typical internet order on your bill, you can then contact us and we will send you a replacement via alternative methods that will most certainly get to you.

There are many seeds that we carry that can help and our seed shop has just been updated to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Jack Herer bears the distinction of being distributed under prescription by Dutch pharmacies, as well as in California Medical Dispensaries as a recognized medicinal-grade cannabis for various ailments.

But many other strains are likely to work very well as well.

And there is a lot of hope for the legality of medical marijuana in New York and the rest of the nation:

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I have read a few descriptions of strains. I’m looking for a strain that will help with Parkinson’s movement problems. One that will help without leaving me stoned and on the sofa. Would Blueberry be a good choice or is there a better choice?