Marijuana fertilizer

A question from a fellow grower:

i have a fertilizer bio 20 omex n p k
How do I use this fertilizer for small marijuana
marijuana plantare similar to what is plant???

Well; I never heard of that fertilizer. Why don’t you upload or copy paste the label; So we can see what you got. A picture of the bottle with the actuallN P K would also be helpful. :smiley:

In short; I always follow directions on the bottle; Unless I have been advised otherwise. I still believe in using the directions.

On young plants no fertilizer is necessary until they have established a root zone, and that is identifiable by seeing the plant has 4-5 true sets of leaf nodes. 500 ppm is a good strength to mix nutrients for seedlings starting out in Veg’

How old are plants?
wha are you growing in?