Marijuana Ethanol extract gone awckward

I hope I’m not posting this in a wrong place and there is someone who will be able to tell me what I did wrong.
I was doing marijuana alcohol extract for second time. I heated the weed on approx 70 deg C for 100 min. Then I cooled it and pour it with 90 % Ethanolum Alcohol and put it in a freezer. I took it out a few times and shoke it. After two full days I took it out and strained it. I added double amount of warm water to one amount of alcohol extract. With this I got 40 % extract which should be suitable for ingestion. At that point the awckward thing happened. The mixture became white as diluted milk.
What was wrong? Is it safe to ingest it?
Thank you.

i have no idea. just thought id post so you know its getting read.

let wait and see what our community says

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I remember when I was a teen, I’d drink my mommom’s rum, then fill it with water. It would sometimes get cloudy. :joy:

I’ve never added water to extracts. Usually, I let the alcohol evaporate off to make it smoother.


if you add water to licorice liquor it turns cloudy, but thats from a precipitate?

maybe your extract precipitated out of the ethanol when u added the water
that makes sense because resin is highly insoluble in water - i bet thats what happened. it should be safe.

just in case, whats the number for poison control in your area?


Resins from weed are hydrophobic.


damn good info

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there u have it. its the ouzo effect.


So, now we know.
I’m glad to know, it’s nothing strange and dangerous.
Thank you.

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