Marijuana decreasing sensation of spicy in food?

Not sure where else to put this, here goes…
Last night I enjoyed some harvest and was a little ravenous. I heated up the Indian takeout from lunch and discovered that when I was eating it the spiciness was gone. It was pretty spicy stuff when I had it earlier, so much so I had to have yogurt after eating it to cool down the burn. I could feel some burning at the corners of my mouth but that’s all, didn’t set my face on fire like it did at lunch, no sweating either.
Anyone else ever experience something like this?

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The short answer is yes.


Not directly…but everything tastes better when I have the munchies :laughing:


Well I would say it depends on the person and their individual bodies chemical compound and how one drug may affect them different than it may affect another type of thing ?
So drugs for the most part just enhance how we already feel or thinking or seeing so on and so forth . Pot being no acception to the rule but in fact for most people is a big enhancer especially coming to food aspect of things . But then you also got to take into consideration cotton mouth and or other potential numbing affects due to the actual drug itself as well as cottonmouth and or other conditions .
What I guess I’m trying to say is for one it may make worse and more spicy depending on above mentioned circumstances and others may numb the spicy affect . Or maybe even one person themselves may experience it to be hot one time and not the next because of different circumstances like was you hydrated more one time than the other? Was the cottonmouth worse one time than the other? More seduction in one strain to another and all types of things that can make the situation different . To really know this you would need to make a control to test this . Which is probably allot more work than what it’s worth . Anyway that’s my 2 cents . :joy: