Marijuana Cultivation Beginners Questions

A question from a fellow grower:

Wondering if you can help us with our project,
Planning to grow in large scale WEED and need some technical information.

What type and amount of starter fertilizer to use.high P,N,K ?
What form o Nitrogen NH3,NO3 at what stage of growth .
What is the value of optimum chlorophyll for maximum solar radiation assimilation
When nitrogen fertilization must be interrupted for maximum protein balance.
What must the cat ion of. K/Ca+Mg value in the weed plant for maximum CO2 assimilation.
Using solar radiation ,out door planting ,what is the average light exposure with ave. Temperature of 75F constant.
In other words ,how many photons are required by Weed mytochondrium to produce one mole of ATP,energy required for maximum Xylen,and Phloem flow sap.
Our soil test indicates an Organic Matter content of 5% is there enough Nitrogen in the soil solution to support ( N ) requirements?
What is the half life vigor of pollen ,to obviate a pollination .When AP.acid is less than optimum.
What should we shoot for maximum yield AN FEAF AREA INDEX.
Ratio of root / shoot weight
What is the ratio or we should work for Max. yield

CO2/H20 Kcal/O ( KJ+H2O+CO2 ) = (CxHφOψ+Ο )that’s maximum yield in

We are going to start from seed .
What is the optimum temperature ,soil solution moisture for seed IMBR.Water absorption .

Are there any scientific books to buy so that we not going to invest our money in a venture blindly.

The book is right here to download for free, I my self have the hard copy and have gone though the book many a time. The book will explain everything you need to know and its free
hope this helps.


So; You all are going to do a big commercial grow, and you have not downloaded our free Grow bible.

Do so! Most of what you are concerned about is covered in the Free Download. Peace