Mammoth LED or HLG Scorpion Diablo X

Hey all,

Just got a 4x4 tent and was looking at light (just going to start with Ian not looking for anything sf or mars). But wanted to see if anyone had experience with the new Mammoth LED light? Or should I got HLG scorpion? Both have the same diodes. I know both are overkill but planning to get better lights for future proofing.

I have a 350R for my 2x4 and it’s great. But just seeing other options and this light stood out.


I have no experience with Mammoth, but the HLG Scorpion Diablo is the best fixture I’ve ever had. I also have two 350-R’s and a 300Rspec. Couldn’t be happier with any of them.


I keep going back to the HLG because I love my 350R. I’m probably just getting marketed with the Mammoth, but the $799 price tag is enticing. Thanks for the advice!

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