Male or Female Week 7 of flower?

Week 7 of flower sour diesel. Thanks in advance!


Its all female but you have splitting calyx which means you have seed starting, so somewhere in your grow you had a hermie a couple of weeks ago by the look. But nothing you can do now, just let her finish like normal, but you will have seeds as a bonus.


Like I said you have or had a plant hermie in your grow, I would check all their under brush where most male flowers are found, at least the ones that pollinate on mass look like this male flower

You cant miss the bright yellow petals. If you find flowers you can pluck out the ones you find and reduce the pollin being released. Stopping further seed development. Looks like you have a nice grow going on, sorry for the bad news, but you’ll be fine, I had one plant give me 300 seeds, but was some of the best weed I’ve grown. Good luck my friend @Colorado_Kid


Thank you for all of your insight, It is my first time posting to this forum and I love this community! :+1:


Your welcome, and welcome to the forum, glad to see you are doing well by the look of your grow, but if you have any questions you can post here at least I am following your thread and if I can’t help we can find someone who can :v:t3: Happy growing man


Welcome to the neighborhood :blush::v:

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Blessings coming in small packages.

Balls before they open into flower (and spread (drop) pollen.

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