Male or female? - 1st grow ever - New to this sport

We are growing (3) plants. The seed came from an unknown origin (bag seed). Being this is our first try we need to make sure if we have boys or girls. Can anyone give their opinion please?

Plant 1:

Plant 2:

Plant 3:

We scrog’ed them, so getting pictures is a little difficult.

Any input would be appreciated.

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All girls. And welcome to ILGM!


That was quick @BobbyDigital thanks!

I have wished we would have had 1 male to compare the two. 3 of 3 on the 1st try. That’s better than I expected!

Look like ladies to me. Congrats… thats the plant lottery.


Males won’t have those white hairs (pistils). It will look like this


Thats rite! Good example too.

@ufi922. Also research what banannas or naners are. Look real similar and will let you if one herms on ya.

Will do @Silverback thanks for the tip.