Male Blueberry found in my Garden

I finally adjusted my light timers to 12/12, and the girls started blooming. Until, I started to notice my blueberry…I have moved him outside, can I do something great with him now?

Thank You

Cut him down asap. He might fertilize any females within the area

Some people use the males to make butter. I’ve never tried.

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i moved him outside, not sure what to do with him yet

It’s risky. Pollen can be transported on your clothes.

Kill him, he serves no purpose.


this is not good to hear.


Males have no value…unless you want lots of seeds. One seed pod has enough pollen to seed a large room of females…and then some. The yellow pollen can get on your clothes, hands and shoes…then get on the females. Your choice…IF the male has not spewed pollen already.

Took another look at the pic. That male is mature and I would be very surprised if it has not spewed pollen from at least 6 pods. Have you seen yellow splashes ?

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I can’t remember who it was that said it on here but they suggested the person plastic bagging it and burning it . I liked that approach .

I would collect some of that pollen and go pollinate something interesting.

I’d collect it, vacuum seal it and store if in the freezer if I didn’t have anything to pollinate right now. You don’t really want a large, pollinating male hanging around for long.

i think i might try this. I wouldnt want to pollinate anyone who might be growing outdoors…I will need to take care of him

Nothing yellow on him yet, I really hope he didnt pollinate my entire room. I will definitely handle him today

They’re easy to see when they’ve opened. If you grab a few branches that are close and put them in water, they’ll mature over a week or two. Just keep them isolated and beware of central air or heat that could pick it up. The return filter should catch it but just minimize it.

Yep as soon as he opens his tent again he will pollinate all of those girls. Going to have to wash his clothes and anything else it’s in the area. That pollen can travel 4 miles . And it looks like it’s progressed pretty far along.

Has this happened to you?

As long as the pollen pods have NOT opened and spewed yellow pollen,there is no problem.

However, it does appear to be a fully mature male plant.

Good luck

No, but I read an article years back on high times that the male pollen gets on everything and travels far and can be transfered in all kinds of places without you even knowing. They said wash you hands and everything, kinda makes sense, the plant can even make it’s own pollen.

Yeah, I read things like that, too. I wouldn’t tell anyone to grow giant males and expect to manage it, but I don’t find it that insidious. Maybe I just have wimpy males … :slight_smile:

I had several small males in buckets this year, kept them in front of my shop. 12 feet away, on the other side of a project truck, I had 2 females in buckets. I expected some seeds, but found none. I also had some large females in the ground about 150 feet away with a building in between. I found 4 seeds in one plant and I think that pollen came from a couple of males I cut in the garden.

I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes. Pollen among pot growers seems to elicit strong opinions. … but I’ve been raising for seeds for 10 or 12 years and just haven’t found it as invasive as many people seem to think.



moved him down to the woods…

Nice. I’m assuming to let it mature and collect the pollen. You can trim a lot of it off if all you want is to collect pollen. A couple of branches will make more than enough for your needs.