Male AF BB one diff than other four

I have an AF BB that looks very “male”. Is that possible? Or could it be a hermaphrodite? try to post pics in a new thread later today. 4 look nearly identical with pistols and usual female cola growth at 6 weeks and starting to become frosty, number five reproduction structure looks very odd with no frost at all.

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Could be a herm. Pics worth 1000 words! Lol.

If they are ilgm verify your seeds by looking for the - code a f or r

No packaging pics.

You can post the pics here no need to start a new topic. @FarmAid

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I will ASAP

@FarmAid Be sure to remove it from the rest of your plants as long as you’re not sure. Just in case :wink:

Update on this one, plant is female, very slow in flowering, approx 2 months till solid and definite pistols. Odd out of the 5 AF BB’s terminated, three are very short and stocky and look heavily Ruderalis, started preflower at 2 to 3 weeks. One is somewhere in between, a tall, later flowering, AF BB. If it fills out yield could approach 56 grams. This last one looks markedly different than the other four. I would prefer the short stocky waxy leave looking version. In Tri watch now at 9 weeks, yield will be around 28 grams per plant.

Edit germinated not terminated