Making it happen w/AF & 2x4 tent & everyone's input!

Thought if I’m going to keep posting about my grows, I’d start my own feed and see if it helps me keep focus, cuz I bounce around alot :smirk:
Not so sure I should tag anyone, as I’ve not been here on what I’d call a regular basis (every couple mos dropping in) I easily lose track of time and I have my hands really full just maintaining life responsibilities and unless I am smiled upon pretty soon, I’ll be fighting to keep my house… (not trying to be sappy or dramatic, just honest) Worrying about it every minute of every day, takes a toll on me, so I’m trying to refocus my attention on growing, now that I have 2 Blueberry :blueberries: plants in the tent

One plant almost got suffocated trying to emerge from her shell, I call her Helmet Head … although I carefully removed it, she is growing 10x slower than her sister, who has taken off and growing fast … I named that one Phat Bottom Girl, cuz her 1st 2 leaves were just Soo wide!
Anyone who would like to comment or make suggestions is more than welcome to!

Helmet head currently


This is how they are set up (same equipment as last 3 plants except I added the 3 & 5 Gal buckets, hoping I won’t have to water quite as much)

Hoping all is well in everyone’s world today! :+1:


unfortunate situation, maybe there is hope from a few good grows.
definitely helps me in calming and collecting myself in times of hardships.
if u live in a state that’s legal, maybe a couple good grows could help with the finances too, who knows.
i wish u the best of luck and happy growing bud!


Yep, in legal beagle state … this is my 4th grow, everything prior is personal use, but, yeah, if I can keep 2 plants going at all times, might help… i, for whatever reason, took a breath and break… I think to relax the light use… but for last 3 mos, had nothing germinate That set me back a bit…
Thanks for stopping by and your words of wisdom :slightly_smiling_face:


hey @rmac nice start

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Thanks bud… I’ve wanted to grow blueberry for some time to watch the colors… crossing fingers :crossed_fingers:

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colors are always good…

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Tagging myself in. :smile_cat:

Good luck!

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Yay! Glad you did! I get skiddish about tagging peeps, cuz it might be someone who would rather respond to someone else… so I’m thrilled you came by and tagged ya’self!! Pls share anything you may know, that’s pertinent to Blueberry as I lost a web page I set up for pointers… things like if the plants are prone to mold, or prefer higher humidity etc… smh, wish I could find that page again Guess I’ll go do some more looking around
Thanks for joining the thread!

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That is a link to my daily info on the grow, of interested in that… I’ll still post current info and pics here, but if anyone wants to see what details I’ve managed to figure out… there you go… it’s the growing with Jane App, and I can’t do the purchased version, so not quite as packed with info as some may be, but, @Docnraq suggested it and it’s already making my life easier, thanks growmie!!

Finally got tent temp above 77, but this morning hit 95! So, dialing it back a bit, adjusting fan again and spritzed both girls
Yesterday I ripped the tiny one, hoping to promote growth since she’s prob a loss anyway But, we’ll see… the other one is growing like mad… I’ll get measurements later and a maybe a pic… I was just shocked at the temp changing so fast It’s been a scorcher of a heat wave & with high humidity, driving the real feel to 115… for Missouri, that’s :hot_face:
Happy Fri folks!! Hope you have a great weekend!!


I topped the little one … geez, the edit pencil has vanished :woozy_face:

I sunk a scissor blade into my right pointer finger a little while ago (I can’t always tell how much pressure is in my grip anymore) and while opening a box from Sam’s, somehow had scissors backwards and it got to the bone or close… my body has a hard time coagulating blood, so getting a wound to stop bleeding can be challenging But I did a pretty good job of I say so myself Made a makeshift finger protector to keep from bending and think I’ll be set for a couple days

And covered with Cobain


Ouch! Glad you got it under control!

Nothing wrong with a little experimentation.

You too @rmac

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Since Lil Helmet Head is barely growing, (slower than a :sloth:) I dropped a Bruce Banner in water earlier this morning :sunrise_over_mountains: Crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers: it germinates! If /when that seed pops, I’ll transplant HH into a diff pot & give that space to the next … (just a quick update since it will be a day or two before I top PBG and start bending, unless I get to where I’ll have enough time spend properly without rushing) PBG has really taken off! I’ll try to post a pic later
Ciao for now! :sunny:


It’s been a week and I’ve done some training defol on PBG… HH is still hanging in there & I bent her over last night and took off a couple leaves … The Bruce Banner had barely cracked the hull after 3 days, so I planted in a 4inch pot & put a dome on it - the soil started turning green, so I took the dome off and kind of roughed up the soil (sure hope it makes it)… these pics are from last night




Overall pic

Oh, I removed the buckets of water… the ropes were also turning green and I decided it just wasn’t worth it…

Other than that, just growing the 1 Blueberry for now I guess If HH doesn’t perk up & get bigger, she’s going into a smaller pot and into the sunroom … that way I can have that spot for something else (hopefully the Bruce Banner)

Thanks for looking! I hope everyone is having, has had, a great Labor Day weekend!!

We had almost 2 weeks of cooler temps, but now we’re back up in the 90’s… winter will be here soon enough! :wink:

Well… I’ve been AWOL much too long, but it’s been a stressful month… even the girls took a hit… and now really cooking with fire! I’ll be sure to add a couple pics for anyone still interested

I also wanted to say, I at least come back with a HUGE ass smile on my face and taking advantage of ‘feeling’ stress free, (although my back would disagree) but, I haven’t felt this good in a while! I have been approved for disability, finally, after 2 yrs… But God or a Higher Power, whatever you call your God, just shined on me!! I’m still waiting on a letter from them, but a deposit has already hit my bank, so I can take the heat off of worrying about my house!! :partying_face: If I could still drink and dance, I’d already be out! But, since I AM more sensible AND unable, I’m very content spending more time with HH & PBG… HH has surprisingly made a beautiful come back & started flowering yesterday… I did some stretching on her…
This is what they looked like yest morning

I watered and played a bit with HH

Hopefully you see the difference I’ll catch up on PBG tonight or tomorrow… She’s turned into a shrub… most likely going to have to eliminate some babies still trying to find a way through the forest she’s become… or maybe she’ll turn out to be perpetual/allow me to keep her, nabbing buds from each ‘generation’ of buds… that’s what I’m thinking anyway I’m shooting for it… My first grow could’ve been like that, but I didn’t know… any who… I don’t want to keep apologizing for not being as often as others, I’m still getting used to just 'putting my info out to other’s ’ So thanks!! I really do appreciate this forum!! :heart:

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