Make The plant hemaphrodite for seeds

I got a question about if silver nitrate and veg light is a must to make your plant go hemaphrodite in the final week of flowering? My plan is to harvest everything above the lowest 4 branches of my trees. They have been brought up indoors and re-planted in large 60litres containers with supersoil mixed with diaper gel. I’ve supercropped, topped, and been defoiling them since The start and vegged them for 4 months, 3 Of The monts they’ve been vegged outside and it’s been a perfect summer for that. Now I’m going to take’em indoors so they’ll finish with optimal condition under 1000w hps 12/12 and a UVB reptile 10.0 lamp on a timer that gives UVBbursts 15mins/hour. I’m goin to take clones from every plant and veg them and select one mother plant from every strain based upon the outcome of the finished product. I’m growing Amstel gold, white widow and the original version of Bubblegum wich is rare these days and I’d like to make seeds from. I’ve already made some ISO oil from the leaves from trimming in veg and it’s almost a psycadelic exeperiance, my face goes numb and the effect is energetic and feels like your in paradise, 1 small dab gives an intense rush for over 3hours with several peaks. The effect feels like great cocain with The emotional state of MDMA and also has that morphine like pain relief. So you can imagine that I’m lookin forward for the buds. I got ADHD so I’m also experimenting on developing new medical strains that workes the best for me. But As for now I want to know the best approach for stressing the plan to become hemaphrodite;)

If im not wrong, then if u get seeds from a hermi plant then all the seeds u grow will only put out hermi plants. You will have hermi seed. I growed a plant last year .and it hermied.

Actually the seeds from a hemaphrodite generates femenized seeds as their gender genetics gets dominant towards feminine plants when the plant realizes it doesn’t need the male to survive. It may also become easier for femenized to become hemaphrodites if you stress them towards vegetation in their final stage of life cycle. The question that puzzles my mind is if there are other methods of stressing them into stage as hemaphrodites then silver-nitrate and force a fully mature blooming plant into veg.

A natural hermaphrodite will produce hermaphrodite offspring. A true female plant that has a forced hermaphrodite flower created will produce female offspring. These are very different situations.


Exactly we are talking about the same thing, I missunderstood when you talked about hemaphrodite, as I asked for ways to practicly stress them into herm. I believe I mentioned that <3

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There are various ways to cause a normally female plant to have hermaphrodite flowers. I don’t believe you need a special light though. Just the colloidal silver or maybe silver nitrate, or you can force a branch to hermaphrodite by just giving it alone more than 12 hours of light, say pinpoint light on that branch only while the rest of the plant has the regular 12 hours of darkness daily.


This maybe a stupid question but do you water the plant with colloidal silver or spray it on to a branch?

Yes on the branch’s flowers you want to hermaphrodite.

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Interesting idea to pinpoint a lower branch, maybe let on of the branches go through a glory hole into the veg room would be a cool way to try that method :slight_smile:

Hi @MacGyverStoner picked up this thread on stressing the plant into producing feminine seeds.
I dont know if its possible to do this with say just one or two branches remaining after i harvest the rest of my colas from the same plant.
Or does the whole plant need to be in tact to do it.
Cutting my last remaining plant for the season tomorrow its time has come.
But if one branch could be stressed by letting it live on that would be cool.
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hey buddy, im yet to do it but its a bit of a process using colloidal silver, :roll_eyes: and I think it does use certain branches to make male flowers and it leaves the others female, but I haven’t done it… so I don’t really know. google diy feminised seeds… :wink:

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It sounds like what you’re looking to do would be better executed in 2 different grows. If you wait until after harvesting most of plant, you could use one of the methods to make remaining colas create pollen sacks. Then collect the pollen to use on a different plant in the future. You would want to start applying pollen early in flowering so that seeds have time to mature. I would also probably use sts method instead.