Mainlining variations

Thanks @Gl1tch. Ive been wanting to try this madness and now youve really motivated me to do this. Thanks again and awesome work on your plants.
What line of nutrients do you use and media type?

I used a coco perlite mix in 3gal fabric pots along with general hydro nutes and additives with a high frequency fertigation system. also I have 2 mars hydro FC-E6500 for 5 of them and the monster got it’s own FC-E3000.

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It’s not just for cannabis. Sorry growbros, could not help myself.


Here is one week later spread and took off the suckers I missed before.

The clone

The new Tea Brewer


That tea brewer is amazing!!! Perfect growmie!!!

haha I feel you!

after I learning with top and mainlining cannabis, I do with other plant also :laughing:

just defoliation this little hot basil.


Topping my jalapeños near doubled their production. I got so many I couldn’t give enough away.


I’m impatient, I fim a few times (2 usually) and bc I do it so early in veg, that by the time I sex the plant, if I have to take one or 2 (last time 3 of 4) the plants that survive are fighting for space so it kinda works out, but I have to find a more efficient method like cloning, but I’m mentally lazy about figuring out how to maintain that all year around or at least 4 clones until the next cycle. I really don’t want a 2nd space to maintain. We all have to pick our battles.