Main Line Outdoors?!

So I’m not even harvested on this year but I’m trying to plan for next year already :rofl:

I want to know what the community thinks of a mainlined plant for an outdoor grow in ground? I’m always trying to push boundaries and limits with how I grow. I only use compost and worm casting teas and living in ground soil networking to grow my plants. But I’m always up for an adventure in my grows and I’m strongly considering this technique as a trial on a single outdoor plant next year.

My current grow…


Nice grow you have , what ya got growing? great growing :bat: :vulcan_salute:


I have
~4 Island Freeze
~1 OG Mass
~2 Fire As Fck
~2 Tamarindo (sour diesel x horchata)
~1 Charlotte’s Web
~1 Salmon River

And thank you I appreciate it :sunglasses:


Shouldn’t be a big deal as long as you have a reasonable outdoor season. I’m in the Midwest and we typically plant outdoor stuff around mothers day and expect photo plants to start flowering early August. Anything like that is plenty of time to do what you’re asking. I’m not really sure what is alluring about it, but there’s nothing wrong with trying new methods.


Well for me I think it’s trying to make the plant symmetrical in growth that’s appealing. Plus I always wanna try things to see if (A) can I do it? (B) Is it worth it? (C) How difficult is it? I listen to a bunch of indoor guys who do photos and Autos with their deadrient grow operations claiming massive increases over normal grow techniques. So I’m curious to see what that really means :thinking:

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I think they look great.
I’ve been growing outdoors for two seasons now.
I’ve had good success.

Here’s my top plant this season.


They probably haven’t tried a lot of other methods or done them properly. If you execute you’ll be trimming away more of your plant than you would ve keeping, which makes it hard to produce a lot on a per plant basis.

Imo this method makes the most sense in an underpowered indoor grow or outdoors when you have to keep a plant small an/or low to the ground. The removal of so much plant material keeps development too slow to be a heavy yield method. But I would encourage you to try it if it’s something you’d like to do.

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Like I said I’m just intrigued to see if they’re even remotely correct. Of course I don’t grow traditionally so everything I do is eccentric to some degree.

Keeping it low to the ground may cause more issues with PM?

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Fair enough I don’t know if I’d incorporate a lollipop-ish technique or not. :rofl: