Main Cabinet Evolution

Boosted my hash-making setup a little bit by finding the blue lid & cutting a hole in it. Should make working with the 1-gallon bags into 5-gallon buckets a lot easier. My last upgrade was to get a 5-gallon 220 bag to add to my original 1-gallon set.


Did some minor maintenance on the main cab - added some velcro to the back left corner & to the left wall to hold the wire harnesses against the walls a little better:

Pulled out my light trap to vacuum off the intake filters (pic is before I cleaned them) :

I moved one of the suction cups for the bubble wand to offset it from the pick-up tube from the pump, to keep the pickup from sitting on top of it:

I made a replacement foam floatie out of foam board insulation for my humidifier. Should be much more durable than the stock styrofoam floatie, which likes to fall apart bit by bit during cleaning. Also I upgraded the wire-holder sticker to a cool little mountain goat. The bubble curtain wand for my hydro bucket is kept going in some water to keep the pores open:

Cab is ready now, but I’m going to take at least a couple more days before putting anything in it:

First I feel like making some bubble hash…


Ran the frozen trim from the past two grows through the bubble bags & ice water. 25um, 73um, 160um in the pic. (Plus a finger hash ball from later). Only did one wash, since it was just trim. The 160 is a little green partially because I was messing around with the 220 bag for too long. Also, I use an electric mixer for the first 3 minutes, which doesn’t help. After that I stirred for 4 minutes by hand, & then spent too much time getting stuff to filter through the 220 bag.
The lid with the hole in it made running the 1gal bags over a 5gal bucket a lot easier.

After I made the hash from the trim, I cut up the plants.

Plant from the left of the cab: This one would be almost dry enough to jar. Some stems were snapping, & some were close to snapping. Net weight no main stems of the left plant was around 6.5 oz. I gently broke up the buds a little further after the pic, & got a decent finger-hash ball off of my nitrile gloves.

Plant from the right of the cab: This one is a little more damp. Nearly none of the stems were snapping. This might be more of a ‘fresh-frozen’ result. Maybe cleaner but less product than if it were drier. This one isn’t as hashy as the other plant to begin with, so I’m expecting less from this one anyway. I carefully cut up the buds further after the pic. Net weight of the right plant is around 4.2 oz, no main stems. But, they both are a little damper & have more leaves than when I would normally weigh fully trimmed & dried buds, so from around 10.7 oz net between the both of them now, (not including the paper), it all might lose another oz or more before I would start saying dry weights. Not too worried about it, but I like to have some idea of what the cab has done. I’m guessing around 9 oz is probably a close guess, if I dried them down a little more.

The bucket is in the freezer right now, & I plan to run the plants individually for two short first runs, & then combine the slurry for a second wash.


Bubble haul:

Left to right is 25um, 73um, & 160um.
Top row is the trim run, then the tall/left plant, followed by the short/right plant, & the last two rows are two runs of the combined two plants.

The cakes were pressed out between paper towels & a rolling pin & have been air-drying for 24 hours, & are pretty dry, but not totally. I jarred them up with a silica pack each & plan to burp them daily for the next week or so, & I’ll probably check the weights again once they are dried out. Not sure how close these numbers will be, but I got around 15.5 grams off of the trim, & around 56 grams from the buds. Not sure I would do this again without drying for longer, although I wanted to try it. The first runs of the buds didn’t release many heads, & I had to do two more runs on the combined slurry before I saw most of them had finally broken off. I probably got around 15% of what dried bud weight would have been, so can’t complain too much. Most of the cakes are pretty chewy & dense with trichome material. The 160 from the final run started to get a little pithy. The 160um from the final two runs (& maybe the others) will probably go to some hash brownies as I have found the 73 & 25 from previous runs more enjoyable to smoke.


Made some hash brownies:

I mixed together portions of most of the 160 pulls & took half of that to use, which gave me about 4.5 grams of material.

I decarbed that at around 240f for about 30 minutes in the oven directly on a Pyrex glass dish. It took most of the time to get to 240f, but it was there for about 5 minutes at the end. Forgot to take a pic but it didn’t burn, & smelled pretty good. The smell only lasted for a little while.

Then I melted 1/3 cup of butter in pots set up as a double boiler, & added the hash. I let the water slowly boil for about half an hour & whisked the butter every few minutes. I also would scrape the stuff from the sides back down into the mix, as well as added water to the pot & to the butter as needed. At the end I was a little short of the 1/3 cup, so I melted a pat of butter & added a little water to bring it up.

Wasn’t sure if I needed to strain it, so I strained it & the butter went into the brownies, & the remaining ball went onto two pieces of cinnamon toast, which I ate about 15 minutes ago. I looked at it with my scope & could see some trichome heads in there, but not sure if they are empty or what. I can say that I detected zero plant or hash flavor on the cinnamon toast, so my conclusion is that I don’t have to bother with straining, & just put it all into the brownies next time.

I only used about half of the 160 hash mixture:

The only 160 pull that I left alone was the one from the tall/left plant. It looks nicer & has more trichome material than the other 160 pulls.


Quick report on the cannabutter. The cinnamon toast spread with the clump from the strained butter was worth making, although most of the THC did end up in the butter for the brownies. The toast was mildly effective, nothing crazy. The brownies are pretty strong. Also I forgot to mention that after I combined the pieces of 160 hash to get around 4.5 grams to work with, I ground that up as much as I could to get about 2.5 grams of powdery material which is what I decarbed in the oven & then put into the butter. The remaining 2 grams was tackier & balled up & didn’t want to grind easily, so I didn’t bake it & that is what is in the jar in the pic with the brownies. I also have 3 grams of ‘trim 160’, & a half gram of 160 from one of the other pulls, for a total of around 5.5 grams of ‘combo 160’ remaining to play with. So I could do a couple more pans of brownies, & they would probably be pretty good. The only other 160 pull I have is the one that looks a lot more hashy, so I’m going to try & smoke that one to see how it is.

Hung & test-fired the small lamp…

…& am currently filtering water for the next round…


Nice pull on the hash. Sounds like you had a good experience :sunglasses: looking forward to continued journey

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Thank you, I think I made the right call on making the hash vs. curing the buds, as well as using the pithier hash for the brownies, as they were really good & powerful.

Yesterdays bubble bubble project:

Removed algae-covered lava, cleaned the stalks:

Combed out the roots:

Trimmed & flushed the roots:

Installed plants into bucket (350ppm, 6.0pH, ‘Week4’ nute ratio plus a little cal-mag, superthrive, h2o2, & sm90) :

I’ll flip to 12/12 asap while trying to spot if they look like they will have similar growth characteristics or not, & I’ll probably try to remove one if not. I don’t have an exact plan for that, & I might just leave them if I can’t tell quickly enough & the roots/ screen/ etc. are too much of an issue by then.

Worked on setting the RH & temp. The four big dips are me opening the cab. The two smaller dips later on is the air temperature exhaust fan kicking in, & the top of the canopy should be seeing around 82f when it dumps.
Center screen Thermpro:

Right corner Thermpro, roughly same height as center of canopy:

I raised the light & set the channels to 50% veg & 25% bloom, which should be drawing about 100 watts. Meter is saying roughly 400 ppfd at the center, not including the small amounts of uva & far red from the bloom channel. I could get the same number by lowering the light & turning down the channel(s), but the cab gets a little chilly then. I could run the heaters, but it seems to make more sense to just create a few extra photons & get the heat from the driver. The heaters will still sometimes will pop on, usually when I have the door open for a bit & maybe after the exhaust fan kicks on. But the heaters are mostly there for lights-off when needed.


Decided yesterday to pull the screen - at least until I can determine if they are going to have similar growth traits & if one or both are staying:

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It’s been about a week since these went in:

Root growth progress:

I kept PPM low as the roots grew in, & I’ve only started to increase from around 350 to around 450 over the past couple days.

pH has been hanging out around 5.9 - 6.0.

I’ve been moving back the RH target 1% day by day, & they are starting to transpire about 8oz a day for now.

Slowly starting to roll into the throttles, but they’re picking up.

Temps still dip a little when ambient temps drop, but I’m not going to worry about it too much.
Thermpro directly above the one at “screen” level:

Thermpro at “screen” level:

Leaf temps have been running around 8f to 10f lower than air temps.
Leaf VPD Calculator

One issue is that my RO filter needs a new filter insert & was letting about 80% tds through. The inserts are no longer available & I was on my last one, so, time for a new setup. Old on the left, new on the right:

The new one comes with a press-fit hose to garden hose connection, not very convienent to attach to my sink faucet. After thinking for a while & checking, I realized that I was able to pirate the seal & locking collar from the old setup which had what luckily turned out to be a male ‘garden-hose’ thread. (It weeps a little bit where the new meets the old, but so do most of the new factory-installed press-connect fittings on the new filter, so I don’t feel too bad about my handywork.) This is great because without getting any other pita to find adapters or doing any other work, it allows me to continue to use the fitting on my sink that the locking collar attaches to, which runs & looks like a normal faucet outlet when the locking collar is detached. All of that came with the old filter. It was a decent filter for around 20 years, so I’m glad that I can keep some of it going:

The new filter works well, although I see myself deleting the carbon canister & housing, the automatic shutoff valve, & also the inline shutoff valve, & any unnecessary connections. I’ll leave the flow restrictor on the drain line. Made 10 gallons at 000 ppm in a few hours at 70 psi, after flushing the new carts for 45 minutes. Full res-change coming up tomorrow.

I hope to flip asap, & then to start watching the node spacing to see if I want to pull one or not…