Magnifying glass on a budget

I am only a 2nd time grower … I tried the Carson line and was not impressed … I dont want a jewelers loop because they dont have the 200 X … I looked at the USB Microscope, Teslong Portable Multi-Function Soldering Magnifier Camera with 10-200 Magnification IP67 Waterproof for Android, Mac and Windows PC …

… Its $ 55.00 including shipping … I have an ANDROID phone and a HP Flagship laptop … Cant afford the $ 600.00 mag, but was wondering if this is fine… or , is there a better one in the $ 100.00 range . ( including shipping ) Thats worth spending the extra 25 bucks for ???

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Salutations BlueThumb,

My 1st attempt with a Celestron proved being purely devastating:

This left me with a persistant impression i had been sold some cheap clone, so it wasn’t easy for me to regain sufficient trust and give it another try:


Mine happens to be a noname but it felt like some relatively fair bargain in retrospective:


At least it can show me most of what i need to see, though that’s old USB 2.0 technology anyway…

These days i think it should be possible to get a 2+ to 5 MPix USB unit with 300 X magnification, integrated LED illumination and perhaps even an adequate adjustable (focussing) stand, for example:


My problem with pen-shaped units is that it would be likely to call for delicate/high-precision components simply in order to avoid chromatic aberration as illustrated in the cheap Celestron toy (clone?) case, e.g. larger optics gather more light and i’d also expect those to be more tolerant of manufacturer limitations.

Of course you may find wireless options even more appealing but it could mean putting money on less essential features. In any case my articulated support looks similar to that illustrated in your previous post and i can tell it’s nothing pleasant to adjust while attempting to remain focussed on a specific item of the picture.

Better be lucky when shopping for one that can suit your own needs best.

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol: