Magnesium and calcium supplements

I have a question on the Sensi grow plus perfect ph nutrients. Do you need any other supplements when using these or do they have 100% of what is required?

The short answer is - all you need is the nutrients.
The long answer is - it depends on your situation.
Each of those supplements can be beneficial, depending on your scenario. There is a good bit of detail about each one on their website.
Since your topic included magnesium and calcium, I will use that as an example.
If you are growing in soil and using tap water from a well, it is highly unlikely you will need it.
If you are growing in soil and using municipal tap water, you might need it. You can get a water report from your city that tells you what elements are in your water and how much.
If you are growing in coco, you will almost definitely need it.

I will add that cal-mag is probably the only one that you might actually need, where the rest are just things that may give you a more bountiful feast but usually aren’t necessary.

A lot of the decision as to whether you need something depends on the needs of each plant, and that can even vary from plant to plant and from grow to grow. The leaves of your plant are the best guide to tell you what they need. You can learn a great deal from reading the grow bible available from this site, and the community here will be very helpful should you have any questions.


Good explanation above. I’m not sure about Sensi but Silica I feel should normally be added just for plant stress.


Silica definitely falls into the “optional” category. It’s rarely needed but has some potential to give you better, stronger plants. @Quarinteen Rhino Skin is the product you would read up on if you were interested in that.

I also should mention: Depending on your soil (I’m just assuming at this point you are using soil, since you didn’t say) you may not need Sensi Grow at all. If you are growing in Fox Farms Happy Frog soil or a layered combination of Fox Farms Happy Frog and Fox Farms Ocean Forest, you shouldn’t have to add any nutrients for several weeks, as they already contain a bountiful amount. Depending on how long you keep your plants in the vegetative state, you may only need Sensi Bloom for the flowering stage of growth.
In the above scenario, you will still need to check the pH of your plain water, though. Until you switch to the pH Perfect Sensi Bloom…

I doubt very much adding a little bone meal and epsom salt to any garden (calMag) will harm your grow.

I’m sorry I am growing in soil. Don’t remember the brand name it’s from Lowe’s. It’s cut with perlite.

So I have been using distilled water and adding the perfect ph sensi grow a and b solutions and voodoo juice. Should I use city water?

I would stay with distilled water as the beneficial bacteria in Voodoo Juice can be adversely affected by chlorine in city tap water.

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There’s nothing wrong with either, but you can save a little money by using your tap water. If you do want to continue using distilled water long-term, consider getting an RO Buddie reverse osmosis water generator to save money.

Oh, I will also add this instruction:
You should add part A to your water. Mix, then wait 5 minutes.
Add part B to your water. Mix, then wait 5 minutes.
After this you may add your supplements.
This is crucial to making the chemical bonds happen.