Mag deficiency or heat stress?

She’s a banana kush auto. 7 gallon smart pot with a mixture of strawberry fields on the bottom, ffof, then happy frog. She’s 6 weeks old. Upper and new leaves coming in are canoeing a bit. My ph is around 6.5 to 6.8. Never over 7. Just moved the light up to about 20". Was at about 15" or so. Just started feeding about 2 weeks ago with Jack’s bloom booster only because the purple kush is well into flower and I figured if She’s in preflower it wouldn’t hurt. This is my 3rd banana kush and I tell ya, I’ve had problems with all 3. The last pic is the purple kush.20211005_100039|375x500

When you started the flower boost did you stop the veg food? I ask because it looks like it’s hungry for N and flower food is normally low to no N

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I like my plants nice and green.

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Jacks blossom boost is all I’ve given them.
That’s 10-30-20. Do you think adding additional FFOF will give it the extra nitrogen needed to get her into full flower? Also concerned about the leaves canoeing.

I can’t really speak to that. I use Happy Frog dry amendments @ half strength. I also use a 50/50 mix of their all purpose and fruit and flower.

So that might be a heat problem. If it is, that might also explain the yellowing up top. Place the back of your hand below the light and just above the plant. Is it uncomfortable? Raise your light. With LEDs, this tends not to be an issue.

Also too cold (below 68) can cause the same issues. Again, tends not to be with indoor grows.

Could it be light burn @Autofreak I just looked at the picture again and I see it’s just that tallest top