LST With Plant Benders

I’ve been growing 4 years now and my super cropping techniques are improving but not perfected. This year someone told me about plant benders.

Can anyone share their experience with them? How well they work, how many and if you need multiple sizes , when to remove them, and if there are any 3d printer plans or favorites you like.



I’ve tried the heavy, thick plant benders and all I can say is you also need a pice of cross wood or bamboo to attach them to IMO. They can break a stem pretty quickly… it just takes practice but I keep trying

Been making my own for years . . . piece of electrical wire and a slice off an old sewing thread spool. Can bend the wire to reduce or increase the amount of bend you need in the plant branch . . . a lot more flexibility than the commercial ones I’ve seen.

A 3D printer to custom make the plastic spool part would be great . . . I’ve been looking for an excuse to invest in one . . .