LST on Bruce Banner auto @ 26 days

I hope you characters are having a nice Saturday night. I just did a little LST on my Bruce Banner auto and wanted to get y’all input. I think I’m doing ok for 26 days, but please lmk if you see any indicators that lead you to believe otherwise! I’ll be back with my Runtz bush, I’m not sure what the plan for her is.

PS: I don’t know why it’s called “low-stress” training. That’s bs, there’s plenty of stress!!! :sweat_smile:


Nice job! :ok_hand:
That overhead shot really shows off all the future bud sites.


I wish I’d tied down a little higher. The ‘top’ bud stretched more where I didn’t expect and curved upward faster, now it won’t match the rest and it’s burying buds under the top, buds I wanted exposed. Just gonna take frequent adjusting and tying from me, no big deal

Bend that top bud over and secure it to the side of the pot. She can take it.


I like using bent wire to staple the branches and stems down. Much easier to use and will not damage the plant.