LST, did i do it right?

Well, i cropped and did some LST just making sure this looks right.

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I bet you took a deep breath when you decided to chop her. Now it is time to take another.

You will have to magnify the picture but I hope it makes sense.
The two on top need to also be tied down. If they are not they will outgrow every thing else.

The two at the next lower node should also be tied down. Same reason.

You tied the next lower ones. I have these marked six. Meaning 6 main colas from these branches.

You can double them up by topping again. 2x = 12. Or you can only top the fastest growing pair (to slow it down) and then have eight.
I would remove all the growth tips below the #6 branches. Makes for a clean and tidy plant with big main colas.

In for a penny - in for a pound.


@beardless thanks man. Im always open for constructive criticism. I started to tie down the ones you mentioned, i just thought they were too short to tie. As far as removing growth below #6 are you saying to cut at the stem or crop where you have it marked turning 6 into 12?

BTW, these girls will be in veg another month or so, so there plenty of time to correct and get some good growth on them before flower. Im waiting for some autos so run…

At the stem. The lines are my attempt to ID them.
Part of tying them down is to trick the plant to think the lower branches are the dominant branches to it will send growth hormones (auxims) their direction.
By no means was I criticizing. I am a fan of the manifold form and it derivations. You are on that path.

@beardless i wasnt saying you were criticizing :joy::joy: im open to it even if you were. So, just to double check, i need to remove the branches and growth below the 6 line. Strip the stem of growth including fan leaves?

I just realized i said stem… stalk… hahaha…