Lowryder grow 2017

She has a different kind of smell, not skunky at all.
The trichomes are coming out more every day.

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Day 50. 28 days flowering.
Alot of fan leaves are turning yellow.
Is this close to finishing??


I would say at least another 2 weeks, probably 4 though. Just my opinion though!


Thanks, never grew an auto before

Day 54 . Top bud

Side branch


Day 58

23 inches tall
Bottom branches 22 inches wide from cold to cola.
How many more days do you guys think til harvest


You’ll have to look at the trics, it’s the only sure way to know

Day 60. Trimmed off about 50 leaves that were yellowing.

Gave her a drink. Thinking of putting her in 48 hrs of darkness and then hanging her to dry


Those still look white, almost no red in the “hairs”. I don’t think its ready… but I’m a newbie. on the plus side they do look beautiful :smile: :+1:

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I started the 48 hours of darkness last night.
Never tried it before. I’ll see how she looks after that.
Thanks for the reply

Day 64 trim day

Gave it 2 more days after this and cut her down.

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those look awesome BH you should be able to toke soon. nice :+1::+1:

Total weight of plant at harvest 240 grams
Dry weight of bud 47 grams

Very nice trichomes on buds

Over all I’m happy with it. 66 total days from germination