Low stress training review and spider mite issue

Are these looking like solid lst positions for them? Also, any all natural home or purchasable response to spider mites on a few lower leafs?


There they are. Haha i posted in your other 1.
Looks good. You can tuck those larger fan leaves under the branches. Expose more light to them. Another good method is the ponytail training. What strains are they? And these Photo or auto? You consider topping or fimming these girls. They’re about the right age for it.


They are photo. Critical mass and gorilla glue.

First timer so idk how confident i am on toppingbut i can definitely read more up on them. I never looked into ponytail training. Will topping slow the progression to flowering and push back the process? I am looking for yield more than a quicker grow

Also, any recommendations on the spider mites?

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Spider mites take about two weeks to get rid of. You have to treat every 2-3 days to break their life cycle. You’ll also want to treat any other house plants as they’ll likely have them too, and might have been the source.

Your training looks good, you don’t need to top is you’re going to bend them over like that. All you’ll need to do is keep tying branches down to make them even.

Topping doesn’t stunt them very much in the long run, I find it mostly just causes them to focus more energy on lower branches for a few days.

Thank you.

What should intreat the spider mites with?

Ive had aphids on my plants but not the spider mites. I did a home remedy for it and it seemed to work. I used a small 8oz spray bottle i put like a couple drops each of blue dawn dishsoap and peroxide with room temp water. Spray the leaves top and bottom. Repeat every 3 days or so. And spray your top soil. But that was for my aphid problem. I was also taking a cotton swab to the leaves to kill the infested areas.

Since they’re photo you can keep em on veg time and go crazy with topping and training if you want. You make the switch to flower with the light schedule and nutes.

An exorcist. They’re straight from hell, and pretty much indestructible. Good luck.

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I used neem, captain jacks dead bug seems to be a favorite around here. You can probably find a dozen other products that would work. Seems like you caught it early, and before flower too, so they shouldn’t give you much trouble.

Use neem oil after lights out. Tops, underside, everything. THE LIGHTS MUST BE OUT UNTIL THEY DRY! Lights on when the oil is liquid will crisp the plants and you’ll have to start over.

Looks good keep it up

Training looks to be difficult with how low the medium is from the top of the pots :love_you_gesture:


Yea with the medium that low i thought it would be harder. Any suggestions on keeping the progress with the way they are growing and the medium height?

What is ponytail training :thinking: newbie here, thank you

Ive been using @yoshi concoction gallon jug= add 1/4 cup milk, couple drops of soap, 5mls rubbing alcohol. I alternate with captain jack d bug. I cant say they are completely gone but i havent spotted any in a few days. U have to spray every single leaf top and bottom… i either pull them out to spray or turn my lights on low. Til they dry… i also put them in the shower and blasted them with the hose… i think that worked the best, ( i put a garbage bag around my fabric pot, so they didnt get the chlorinated water in them ) good luck these ugly little critters are monster from u know where :laughing: :rofl:

Kinda like it sounds. I got the velcro ties to do it . But i haven’t actually done it yet. Going to try it with my new plants i started. Works well with the shorter type of plants. But you tie off the top few sets to close the light off for the day But release her at night and tie again for the day. It opens up the light to the lower branches and promotes them to grow more. If you Google ponytail training autoflower a few pics and videos come up.

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You could drill some holes in the buckets about an inch above the medium and run wires across the medium making the number symbol like a grid square and use that to tie down the branches :love_you_gesture:

Cool thanks ill check it out