Low Stress Training_Planting off center of pot

I plan to use LST on some autoflowering northern lights and white widow. LST seems like the way to go. I guess LST goes like plant the seeds, wait til there is some growth, then bend over the plant, maybe do it several times to open up the bottom of the plant and encourage more growth. Does it make sense to plant the seed NOT in the center of the pot? Like plant it off to the side…like 3/4 way to the edge? That way there is more room to bend over. Has anyone tried this? Thoughts? Thanks.

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I’m going to add on to this question, as I have been thinking about this lately and have not tried LST yet. Something I’ve been thinking about is - do you tie the plant down over one side like described above for a while and then release it, or should you tie it down in different directions over time? For example, imagining the top of the pot is a clock face, tying the plant down at 3 o’clock for a few days, then 6 o’clock, then 9 o’clock, then midnight. It would seem like the latter method would provide more light exposure to different areas of the plant.

You should find a bare side of plant and pull it down that way. then pull the side branch’s out exposing the middle of plant as it grows bigger


When doing lst make sure you let the plant grow a bit. Three or four leaf sets. If you start lst to early your plant will be to close to the soil. I use garden training wire on my plants. I’ve seen people use clothes pens to hold a leaf to the pot.
Once they get bigger you’ll have to get creative. I tie my plants to books for weight.

I ended up standing these back up with a stake to push them in the corner to make room for my photo plants. By tieing down the plants it cause it to grow on one side. I exploited that and they fit perfect in the corner. I’ll do that again future.
@TommyBahama keep the plants tied down or it will go right back to where they started. I’d stay in the same direction. The thought behind lst is to get all the bud sites to grow on one side of the plant. This gives all buds the same amount of light.

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This is my WWAs I LSTed. I used wire and lug nuts during to keep branches in place. As the branch grows, I slide weight closer to tip to preserve my pattern.

My last grow was not trained and I wasn’t happy with how tall plants grew.


This is Elvira moments before harvest-

And untrained from Aug grow-

It just seems like I cut off a bunch of potentially good bud off lower parts of plant when untrained. As you can see on Elvira, I had about 25 colas to harvest.


Offsetting the plant won’t hurt anything, but, some will find keeping the plant centered works best.
Some use nuts to weigh down branches. Some use plastic coated tomato wire.

YOU…are The Decider Who was the first person to say that?


It absolutely makes sense to plant off center when planning certain forms of lst.

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These are good for clipping on the side of your grow bags for your LST @blackthumbbetty @NavyVet420


thank you for sharing that idea. just bought 100 of those for 12.99 on amazon, they look like they will work amazingly.

Can you post a link to those clips? thank you.

I think the root system will prosper more when the plant is in the center of the pot, it just makes sense, given the roots branch out in every direction. I’ve never heard of planting off center and I think it’s for this reason.

Ebay mate, only allowed certain links on here and ebay isnt one of them, but you should get them on amazon also.


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Ah they’re shower curtain clips. Thanks!

Your welcome, anything to make it easier eh?

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