Low stress seedling transplant

To avoid excessive stress when handling seedlings from their first container into their permanent container I have developed a system that works for me. I start with 20 ounce plastic cups. I cut the bottom 1 inch off one of the cups which of course eliminates the bottom of the cup. I then replace the bottom with a paper towel. I insert the paper towel bottom of the cup into the solid bottomed cup. I then fill with soil and when this new seedling is ready for its first move into a larger soil container I plant at proper depth and cover. When the seedling has developed adequate roots, I remove the top cup from the bottom, leaving the paper towel in the bottom cup, the roots are exposed in the top cup, then setting it into its larger permanent container I bring soil up to the edges of the cup and catch the size of the cup. I lift the sides of the cup, and I can pull them straight out of the soil without disturbing the roots whatsoever. This system is especially good for auto flowers that do not have the time for recovery from root damage due to transplanting. It may not be the best system ever devised but it’s mine

What do you think

I also use frosted cups with vent holes to keep humidity up reduce and diffuse lights

What about the taper of the cup? For that to work well the container should have no taper. I do like the idea though

When you slit the sides, there is no issue in removing them individually they just slide out

Thanks for your response