Lots of new peeps, same old questions beating

The same old horse. Id love to see the stock report posted somewhere. Average costs for common supplies with respect to the owner of this site, as he has opened his or her doors for us to enjoy this site free. So respect that, its just common courtesy.

Simply put. Avg. Price for jack nutes 321 is 5.00 qt. No clue or we new peeps wouldn’t beat that horse by asking cheapest price.

Avg price on clothe bags 1.99 for 2 gal.

Example, hlg light distributor, beat hlg price by 60.00.
Found my light at rightbud. Turned out, 4days, discreet

Just a thought, who doesn’t like sale ads. And a push in the right direction helps.

Well - I see where you’re coming from and there is no lack of commercially sponsored weed forums on the net. ILGM is a different kind of place. Here you aren’t bombarded by numerous ads that may or may not be good products depending on how deep their pockets are.
Would it be nice if they could form maybe 1 or 2 “partnerships” with a couple of select sellers? Yeah - that would be cool, but I don’t see it happening. Especially with a nutrient line as ILGM has their own branded nutes available. Lights and maybe exhaust would be a different story.
But you need only toss a rock to have it bounce off 100 opinions and pitches on both in the forum. It’s no secret HLG, AC Infinity, and Jacks are the preferred items among MANY - not all - growers here.
I say keep it ad free and about growers sharing knowledge with growers!
And not more blatant commercialism.


This is what I come up with.

321 Mix
Jack’s Grams / gallon Pounds Price Grams $ per gram $ per gallon of 321 mix
Part A 3.6 25 $57.00 11,340 $0.005 $0.018
Part B 2.4 25 $47.00 11,340 $0.004 $0.010
Epsom 1.2 6 $5.00 2,720 $0.002 $0.002
Cost per gallon of 321 mix $0.030

It is 3 cents per gallon with a little rounding.
Calculations based on GrowGreenMI 25 pound bags with free shipping.
Epsom salt is 6 pound bag from Walgreens.

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When i say sale ad, its figure of speech, you guys have been my advisors, some give great help, some tell to you to go read about it.

I have no clue as to ligit web sites who sell.
No clue on pricing whats good, who price gouges.

Then, theres shipping, free, minimum purchase, etc.

Any and all info welcomed, i will always try to pay it forward.


Hear you there. When I can, my preference is to buy from local stores. Hard to avoid big box but I try if it works out. GrowGreenMi is often referred to as a reputable source for grow supplies. I buy a lot from HTG Supply. Order on Monday and at my doorstep Wed or Thursday with regular shipping. 247 Gardens is hard to beat price wise and there fabric pots are solid.
The cost of shipping heavy bags of dirt is nuts. Before I switched to coco I bought bags of fox farm from Farm & Fleet. Fleet Farm carries different brands. What ever it is, try to avoid time release nutrients. Many growers around here make there own using compost and and or supplement with Earth Dust from The green sunshine Co. Another good seller is Build-A-Soil.

Do what you are doing. Ask the what and how and people will share their experiences.

Earth dust, need to study that. Would this fall into preventive measures towards bugs

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No. It is dry nutrient package that includes mycorrhizal and bacteria’s to make a living soil and I believe some nutrients. This base is mixed into your soil and allowed to age /cook for a couple weeks. This allows the organisms to become established and start breaking down the soil. Then a bloom booster is added at the beginning of flower. The two parts carries you through the entire grow. You can search the forum for earth dust to find some growers using it. One I know of and follow is MeEasy
You can see and read more about it at The Greensunshine Co.

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Didn’t they have that pot4pot program for a while though?

I’m sure there’s some behind the scenes stuff going on….hopefully lol. They definitely are in cahoots with SeedBank. My credit card payments are cashed by the same people lol.

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