Lost smell day 5 drying

Today is day 5 drying in tent and first time i smelt the grass smell saw some convos on forums and shut off one of the fans blowing on the buds and the other osculating one i turned on low as well as inline fan for tent on low did it I catch it quick enough to fix itself? Or this smell at day 5 is okay? I heard it comes back onced jarred and curing

What is your temp and humidity in the tent. And you never want to blow a fan on it it will dry to quick. The smell comes back after it’s been Jared for awhile. Does the stem snap when you bend it. What does the bud feel like is it dry.


You will want to cure the flowers after you properly dry them. The smell and flavor will come back…


No worries, jar them and cure for as long as you can wait. Of course opening up the jars etc…watch a video on cure.

The smell gets better with age…working on my final jar from last years harvest. Goal is to be fully providing all my own medicine.

Happy growing


@Jaydawg6528 @jack181 @Derf02368 sorry for the late response! My temps been holding at 63-66 sometimes rarely will get in the low 70’s and humidity 55-60. The outer leaves feel a little dry and crispy and some stems snap but some just bend over so not sure when to pull em out and start trimming … the buds feel dense and sticky after squeezing a little and then i smell the good smell on my fingers after but not in the tent

This is her its my first grow I definitely couldve done alot better ran into a few small issues that i know better of now she only grew like 14" tall by 13" wide lol hopefully itll smoke good!

I turned the oscillating tower fan on low and the fan on the floor was facing up blowing on the buds but I turned it on low and faced it to blow against the walls

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