Looks like grapes?

I believe I’m seeing males. I’m worried that the younger ones will herm on me. They came from plants that got seeds because I stressed them out really bad. What do you think? I have female clones. Not from those plants.

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I’m going to give them one more day. I just know my clones will be ready soon for soil in a few weeks. I don’t want seeds.

First one I’m 99% sure it’s male I think the last one is the same plant. It’s hard to see in that light


How about right side up and in white light if you would like a reasoned response lol.

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True about the light.

I know they are no good. I’m downing them. I know the light of off looks better. I’m not taking chances. I needed a few words for some of you guys. I know in my head that it will keep me up at night. I don’t want the headache. Thanks for putting up with me u humans. Lol

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Yea :zzz::stuck_out_tongue:it’s hard work. But I’ll get my green :+1: back

gone. @Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 @BigHuff2316 @kdawg @Shaggy I noticed you guys didn’t say much to me about my plants being hermies. I think we are grown men here. Tell me not to do it. It works for me. But I do believe you guys did. Now I’m on the right track. Feel free to slap me every now and then. On the face. Not the butt. It’s not the supper bowl. Unless it is a joint. Or some of Huffs ear chz. Lol


He did try and help, he needed natural lighting pictures. You never responded.

Right, see above response.

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I didn’t want to take a chance. I was just talking out loud. I know he tried to help. I wasn’t worried about it. I know it had to see in that kinda light. I seen all I need to. I have clones. That are not from those plants.

I have been posting about them for a few days. I have no problem with anyone here. They where trash plants. They all told me that when a plant has those characteristics they will be handed down I just didn’t wanna take a chance on something that I don’t need to.

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You shouldn’t just picked out part of what I said I won’t be back

I’m still here and willing to try to help you out, but without some better pictures I can’t give you a 100% answer. These guys/gals are good people and are also trying to help out. I think you are not understanding what is trying to be said because either english isn’t your first language or you are taking everything said way to damn personal. Wanting someone to tell you your plants are nice would have probably come after your problem was addressed, business then fun

Let’s start over here… try taking some close up pictures with the flash on to give a more natural light to the picture so we all can look at what you’ve got and try to help.


They are gone. You guys did help. I have no problem what so ever. I seen what I need to. I don’t want to grow them. It’s like a old shoes. Time to go time to go. I’m not upset about the response. These questions I have been asking for a minute. The answer was there. When I first started here I posted some pictures and one guy said he see’s bananas. This was in September. I looked at my pictures one more time. Their was a plant that showed signs of being both males and females. I need good plants. I have them. I don’t need trash seedy plants.

I would like to know how to delete my account. That would be best for me.

I don’t know what happened before and don’t see why you’re leaving but I wish you well and good luck with the clones. All you have to do is log out and don’t sign back in and no one can see you or will bother you. If you’re getting emails go to the bottom of one of the emails and click the unsubscribe and follow the directions.


The last picture I took are gg4. Those will be ready in a few weeks. I have 5 nice girls. Buds are getting bigger every day. I don’t need a mod trying to tell me what I said. That I don’t go for. I play enough online games.

I don’t think I was being rude to anyone.