Looking to increase nutes strength for my new babies

Hello, so I started my next batch, looking at my growth logs, trying to determine when to up the nutes from seedling strength early growth strength, these are about 21 days since germination. Are these still considered seedlings or early growth ?

It’s different for everyone I believe. Some count the first 3 fingered leaf as the start of
veg cycle and some count the first 5 fingered leaf as a start to Veg and end of seedling phase.

Me? I count first 5 fingered leaf because it gives the seedling roots a good head start. Also,
just adding a week isn’t going to hurt anything and can only improve the plants survivability
through a well structured root growth.

For me, I would say these are beginning stage Veg. As for others, they would say end stage
seedling phase. Either way, they look healthy.

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