Looking through microscope

When is it done when the tri comes with little Crystal things are clear or when they turn Amber because mine look like they’re just the tips are low milky and there’s a little bit of Amber look to some of them but I can’t take a picture with the microscope

I know it’s hard to tell from that picture but it’s I believe they’re starting to get close I’m not sure


You gotta few weeks left and a lot of weight to gain the next few weeks those pistils are gonna start turning rapidly and shrinking up into the calyxes as those calyxes swell most don’t wanna see any clear at all but it’s simply up to you…

clear trichs means they simply aren’t ready and most believe will leave you with a slight buzz and paranoia, while cloudy gives you a nice energetic high at maximum potency and amber is gonna give you that narcotic type high that makes you go night night…

many theories at this point some say that the inside of the bud is going to be delayed with the changes so the exterior of the bud is gonna turn before the inner and so a lot of people let them amber up a lot in hopes that the inside of the bud will be at maximum potency at that point

Now your strain dominance plays a role as well whether you are sativa or Indica… this is how I roll and remember everybody has different preferences that’s why we love growing our own medicine is you can make exactly the high your looking for!

I grow a lot of sativa doms so I like to let them amber up more than most because I believe that strain is already gonna carry way more of that speedy buzz so a little more CBDN isn’t gonna hurt anything
Now for the Indicas I grow I don’t let them get as amber because although I enjoy the narcotic pain relief I just can’t stand falling asleep in front of the fridge before I’ve picked my fav munchie haha

Most would let your girl go until at least 80-90% of the hairs have turned and trichs are either 10-20 percent amber or something even just as they start to turn!

Also remember you wanna check the trichs on the buds not on the leafs! By the way I bet that plant is gorgeous that but looks great good job!


Wow that was great you broke it down and I know now what I want to do thanks man I’ll keep you posted that plant is alien vs triangle a guy named Bob donated me some seeds cuz I’ve been out of work I had heart surgery last year so I haven’t been able to afford to buy anything so he actually sent me to seeds so I can grow my own nice guy

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I’m set to watching! Excited to see how she turns out man! Sorry to hear that hope your healed up and recovering well! Always good to have friends in all places! If your strapped for cash do to everything going on and get short in seeds… a lot of us on here have great cloning success and are more than happy to walk you through cheap and easy simple ways to stretch those genetics for a long time! Keep at it!

Hey Greg, these flowers still have a month and a half to go but are already getting frost. You need to be able to discern the difference in readiness, if you were to err on the side if caution, it should always be on the over ripe side.

These are just getting started.

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This one is close to ready - mostly cloudy and a few amber

Closer yet 3 days after first picture. Was cut 3 days after this one

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Good pics I’m trying to take some off the microscope I got a couple of days ago thanks for the response

what I see with my eye and what I see in the pictures are a little different it’s a lot more cloudier with the camera shots than it is when you look through with your eye

Can u clone a plant that has started flowering? . Because I put a couple outside this year and they didn’t do so well you know it’s like night and day what I got inside the outside but they started flowering so I know they’re females and they were regular seeds so I wanted to keep those genetics it’s gorilla glue and Chernobyl and honey across I messed around and tried to clone some autoflower but that didn’t work out I don’t even know if I’m cloning right or where I should be taking the clippings from I need to be educated that’s for sure I try to do a lot of reasoning online and stuff but I don’t retain much I learn more by doing

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Oh yeah they take much longer to root from what I hear and then you have to reveg them after they root and that is called monster cropping which creates monster plants with unreal yields and stalks the size of your arms haha… it’s much more difficult to clone from a flowering plant but it is definitely possible people do it all the time… most wouldn’t recommend it for your first cloning experience but it’s all up to you! It’s also recommended to use a good healthy plant with no health issues as that will directly effect your success rate! I know very little about cloning from a flowering plant have yet to try it but I know several people who do it all the time and get some real beauties out of it!

And yes I’ve seen people clone there tops off of the autos and they’ve succeeded but definitely a waste of time because a clone will be the same exact age as the mother plant, meaning with autos since they are in there own schedule when you clone an auto say week 3 from a top and it roots and the mother plant starts flowering at week 4 then the clone will flower at the same time and it never got the chance to veg so we all recommend cloning photo period plants.

The main thing with cloning is maintaining the proper conditions and sterilization a failed cloning attempt almost always leads to a problem with one of those 2 things

Even though I grow in soil I can clone in rockwool is that’s correct. Idk but when I have regular seeds not feminized and they come up to be females I only had one male out of five plants. And 2 e outside they’re just weak looking plants but I was hoping I could clone bring them inside and give them a better light and nutrition and not too much water they got rained on you know all that s*** the outdoors problems to deal with I rather just keep the climate and control the conditions and I want to try to keep that screen I have one gorilla glue honey and Chernobyl the other I’m actually putting plants that are 3 months old and 12 and 12 as my autos are done my regulars are going to flower and I made one of each clone to make sure I still kept the genetics in case something turns out really special and good I have the mother to keep it I have nothing better to do man I’m home all day long and I can’t work this is my this is my thing and I talk to text so I hope doesn’t I don’t proofread all of it LOL probably cuz I smoke too much haha when should I start flushing? What I quick dryed a bud to smoke n it was good taste but a lil chemical taste

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You can definitely clone with rockwool and then transplant into soil won’t hurt a thing! The weaker the plants the less likely cloning is gonna work that’s not 100 percent these plants are crazy haha… umm really depends on the soil your using and what type of nutrients you’ve been using if your ina soil I wouldn’t do a full flush I would just water regular PH’d water the last 2 weeks no nutes at all… flushing soil because it absorbs so much water Is a real nightmare so most of us just just give ph’d water the last few weeks and that works well slowly starve them and that will do the trick! As for bad tasting or harsh smoke that’s comes down to your harvesting… fast drying bud will always give you a harsh nute taste almost always what you want is a real good long dry at least 7 days and there is several ways to accomplish that goal depending on conditions… and then after you have completed a good long dry a proper cure does wonders for the terpenes and harshness

Funny you say that cuz I was watching growing Belushi he was talking about turbines.
hey man I’ll keep talking with you you can get me to the end of this thing I’ll be awesome I’m going to follow your steps and see how we do thank you brother

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I’m no pro haha but I know how I like my smoke and I have a decent grip on the more common deficiencies and issues that come up and haven’t lost a grow yet other than to thieves… I try not to steer anyone wrong I try and just give some info on what I’ve found in hopes to give a little insight on how things work! A lot of really good growers who are much better than me on here haha and can give way better insights or explain things in a better way! But glad to help!

Really wanna let those ladies finish up keep treating them good and wait she may turn over quicker she may take a bit some strains are pretty crazy like that but they do put in a bunch more weight in the last couple weeks in the flower cycle and it is important not to miss them! Best way to do is check daily and watch for those ambers on the buds that is! And most don’t even start checking other than for fun until all the hairs have turned brown or orange.

You haven’t steered me wrong yet so I will be patient and make sure I get the maximum amount of what I have cuz it’s got to last me till these next group gets done

I still have some flushing 2235 ppm. And I’ve checked the ph as well sitting around 6,.8 I figured two more flushes them I’ll starve them
and they should be nice and Amber by then.
One last thing I should be looking the plant with the microscope not a picked pice ?

Not all the time ide let ride for a week or 2 and see where there at you still have a lot of white hairs buds are still putting on the weight you may have another few weeks before doing your pre harvest routine and some full pictures of the plant with clear natural light will really help us get a better idea… and also the thing with trichs is as long as you are looking at the actual bud and not leafs than you can look with a loupe on the plant or if you have a microscope you can check by pulling a piece and going under with that just always make sure your looking at actual buds not leafs! But from your original post the hairs on the buds are just starting to brown up You definitely want to let her eat for a couple more weeks and let her gain that weight you will he pleased!

Figured I show you where I’m at. what happens if you don’t harvest at the right time I know early you will lose potency and taste I just want to know what happens if you let them overripen cuz I got this stuff looking cloudy

I just harvested that a couple days ago and I quit dried it I want to try to do the rest of it like can I take what I want and leave the rest on the plant and let it just keep growing bud gets dencer

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Always better to let it go too long than not long enough… the amber is the THC converting into CBN which is still gets you high and is very potent cbn is a narcotic type high makes some people very drowsy and some people believe it gives off even more psychoactive effects but to me it just gives off a different psychoactive effect either one is enjoyable but CBN gives me the gigs munchies and makes me go to sleep either way over ripe is better than not enough