Looking for help medical purposes

Hi, I’m new and first time posting. I am looking for some help and guidance.

  1. osteoarthritis in both knees and bad pain

  2. troubles sleeping a full night

  3. Due to my knees exercise is hard and trying to management weight too.

I’m 49 and been in the military and fire and rescue and mining so my body has been through the ringer a bit. Trying to put off a double knee replacement until I am older.

Need help with the above and wanted to know what is the best strain of seed to grow and the best way to get it into my system once ready. Inhalation or ingestion to get the best effect?.

Any guidance and support would be great.

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Hi @Mork351 welcome to the neighborhood. We are not able to share links on here but I can tell you that I found this site bookmarked it but haven’t been back to really read it but it could be what helps you find what you are looking for it’s called Greenhealthdocs dot you know what c word :shushing_face:


First welcome to the community. @MrPeat grows a Peach Puree I believe is a CBD that he swears by. I dry vape a combo of CBD and Pot to help my Osteoarthritis (all up and down my back.)


Thx kindly I’ll check it out :blush::+1:

Thank you I’ll go and have a look, really appreciate your help. Thx heaps

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G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD should do the trick. It took the pain away from a friend who had cancer through his entire body.

My injuries to my body is bad. So bad I will wake up paralyzed from the waist down. Pain is controlled with this strain.

Second…Blue Dream for alweping. Gwt as many amber trichomes as possible.

Third…want to get high and help with pain? Garden of Green Super Critical Bud CBD.


Thank you so very much I will check them out. That’s a great help, I can’t wait to get some and try it out.
Once again thanks very much!


@Mork351 I can’t brag enough about Peach Puree CBD is a 1:2. I get a slight head buzz but I am functional. I prefer to be clear headed. :+1::+1::+1:


Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your body pains I think mr peat knows what he’s talking about he has helped others on here with pian. I also want to thank you for doing you service work for everyone. Not many are able to, while on R&R in Hong Kong I ran into a bunch of aussie military guys damn that was a drunk night. Had a lot of fun trying to out drink & out tell stories with them.

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Thanks mate, and yes we like our booze work hard and play harder :grin::grin:

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If I remember it was a beer called Fosters. (I like it when my brain still engages)

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