Looking for assistance with my autos

I have 2 12" auto blue dream in a grow cabinet. When do I switch from vegetative to flowering cycle? Also 1 plant is bent at the stalk & is falling over. It just started doing this so is still green. I am a beginner and have no idea what I am doing.


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I’m sure we can help get you squared away. Before we look at your lighting schedule, do you have any pictures of your damaged plant? You can probably use a stiff object loosely connected as a splint to help prop it up. If you have any aloe vera or raw honey to apply to wound area should help it recover too.


Welcome :v: if you are growing autos the light schedule is irrelevant to flowering. They will automatically do it. That being said I am running my rqs diesel auto for 18/6 unless they seem like they need a little nudge to flower and I put them on 12/12


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To touch on dbgrn as long as the plant material is not resting on the soil it should be ok, but I’d recommend dealing with the nutrient deficiency. We need to know what your grow specs are besides a cabinet, medium, nutrient source, RH and temps and such, but to me it sounds like you may be lacking either blue by light, if you have a cheap LED with “purple light” or exclusively red and blue diodes, you can check either the manufacturer or if you have a good set of sunglasses you can analyze the diodes for a second. These lights may work however they don’t provide enough diversity in light waves, the other probable cause would be a lack in nitrogen, Nitrogen is responsible for the secondary growth in stems, otherwise known as the lateral growth causing stems to thicken. These are not the only causes however, so be diligent with your specifications on how you are growing them, and be honest, a misdiagnosis followed by a subsequent correction can kill plants if you’re not careful so give us as much info as possible and we can do our best to help

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