Looking For Amber

This is my second grow.
This GDP is 42 inches (107 cm) tall, almost as tall as my 5 foot tent! With the bag and collector the plant is 4 inches from my light. I have the MarsHydro 1000 and I am running it at 40% power. I have tons of clear tricombs with just a few amber starting to show up. My problem is that the top of the plant is slightly brown and is getting dry. I want to wait until it gets more amber showing but running the light is hurting the top of the plant. What do I have to do to get the amber to happen more quickly?? I have been watering every three days no nutes for the last two weeks. It is a little dry now, water again? When is the last watering before harvest? It is a beautiful plant so I don’t want to hurt it now.

Pictures help.

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Sounds like its going well. Has your light always been at 40%, or have you been dropping the percentage lately? If its always at 40%, she is tall because the light is weak. Sounds odd, but thats how it works.
A picture or two would help us help you. Maybe you can take away the collection tray after watering and gain a few inches. At this point it sounds like you’re close.

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The top 2 pictures are from Jan 31 and today. There is much more brown on the top coli. I think it is heat related.
The tricombs are included in the next two.
light 40% at 14 and 10 hours
water ph 5.7 to 6.1
no nutes for the last two weeks
in flower for 88 days


The tricombs

I started with an ILGM GDP autoflower in a 2x2x5 tent. I added Gaia Green all Purpose and Bloom along with worm castings to the Happy Frog and ProMix soils in a 5 gallon bag. On the 4th week I started using nutes in the water, Cultivation Nation Micro, Fox Farm Grow Big, Gaia Bloom and CalMag. On week 8 I added some molasses. Four weeks ago I only used the Bloom and Micro for 2 weeks. The last two weeks of watering is with 6.0 ph water.
Kept the light at 18 inches for most of the grow until the plant grew very tall. 44 inches tall and 30 inches wide (17cm x 12cm), I raised the light as tall as it will go and the plant almost touched it.
The coli are very heavy causing the branches to lean so I have had to tie them to keep them upright. Today I have moved the top coli off to the side some so it does not get direct light.
I am looking for 15% amber. How can I advance the amber more quickly?

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Oooops it should be 17.2 cm tall…

That is an impressive cola. How long has it been in flower? I see a lot of white hairs yet. You normally start checking trichomes after the majority of pistols turn brown and recede into the bud.

I would not stop feeding. Ever. Just me. Starve anything and it stops growing. I feed till the end. I always reuse soil so nutes never removed. Flushing is a choice at end. Flushing during grow depends on nutrient line… You look close. Very close to my eyes. Is that browning crispy? Concerns me a bit.


Just a small caution. 15% amber is very sedative. Us medical guys like it that way for sedation and pain but it is a terrible smoke if want to do anything. Ill make edibles at that amber level typically. Can pound those flowers with light right now also. Helps. I personally only back off at the very end.

Thanks @Storm The top coli is dry and crispy.

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Cut it off below the mold. Check rest of plant. Soldier on. Bud rot most likely. Best lose 1 now than many very very soon. That stuff can spread like wildfire.

So you think it is mold? Fan is blowing pretty strong and the dehumidifier is working well. Temp is 78 and hum is 55%.

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I think so. Tagging others. Wait on better eyes. @dbrn32 @MidwestGuy @MeEasy @HippieRunner1 @Myfriendis410 @OGIncognito Crispy and brown bad. Should be green…sticky…soft…vibrant. if any colors should be color and no crispy.

I had the first grow go to 25% amber and it was perfect. I am on medical cannabis so that sensation was what I wanted.
@Storm I hope that the top of the plant got too hot and is drying out. I will wait for some others to respond that you contacted.
Thanks again for all of the help.

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I can’t say for sure based on pictures, but i would definitely inspect the brown area closely.

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It still has a lot of clear trichomes ur plant still has a week or so to go

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I am now officially concerned. First two photos are the top coli turning brown. A close up of a piece of the coli I pulled off. Looks like there might be some black spots on the piece?
Most of the coli are milky so I might have to take this one down today.


Definitely ready to cut looks like too much heat at top of tent. every grow space has a “hot spot” looks like you found yours. I had one that looks like this almost every grow untill i figured it out and created more air movement. Its not just about sucking out all the hot air but moving the air right above the colas and below lowest limbs

OK. Thanks for the advice.