Looking for advice on a large upgrade

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, been working on something huge! I am almost finished getting my class A growers license, and plan on doing a perpetual grow, 100 total plants. I am looking at either gavita or growers choice lights. I will be designing new even larger aeroponic systems to support this much larger grow. I am looking for any advice anyone may have on making sure I secure the license, (so far it seems like a lock, but you never know) and @dbrn32 which lights would you recommend for a grow that large?
Thanks in advance everyone!


Based on cost and listed performance specs of the two, I would think that growers choice fixtures offer a little better value. I’m not terribly familiar with either though, seen growers choice at hydro shop. Gavita now owned by SMG, and I’ve never been a supporter. I’m sure it would work though.