Looking for advice/input

I am about 3weeks into flower and I know humidity can be an issue.

My humidity fluctuates anywhere from 50-80 percent. The 80% is during the nights on feeding days.

I have a 6" exhaust fan running constant as well as a 12" oscillating fan blowing on high. See the attached pics.

I was thinking of buying a large (70 pint) dehumidifier for my basement to help with the issue since the tent is in the basement.

Before I spend the cash, do you think I have enough airflow to prevent the problem of mold?


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Yes, everything else looks good. Dehumidifier is the next step. I have one that runs exclusively in flower.


Just watch the temp , I wake up to 70 humidity in a spare bedroom. You gotta remember if it was outside it would have the same humidity fluctuations that’s what cause the morning dew on the grass.

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