Looking for a little help to figure out whats happening here. Please help me

Its super silver haze strain grown outdoors in a 100 g smart pot. This looks to be happening to the top of the plant, new growth. Soil is 30% seafood compost 70% topsoil. No other nutrients added at this point and ph is 6.4. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you get a ppm reading since your in a 100gallon pot a slurry test is probably the best option to obtain that info
Did you layer the soil or is it all just mixed in

Heres a good thread lots of info to help match your situation

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Wondering if this looks like mites to any of you?

Not mites
Look like a nutrient issue to me
Mites would be seen on under side of leaves

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I know mites can be hard to see but I don’t see anything on the underside of the leaves. The plants were started indoors for a month and then hardened off over several days before transplanting outside and have now been outdoors for a month. The last two weeks have been very hot and sunny, hotter than prior or even this week. I’m wondering if this could be a sun stress from not hardening the plants off enough prior to transplanting. Anyone come across an issue like this? I did a NPK test and all results are showing sufficient to adequate.


It’s a deficiency IMO. Look at the chart and you’ll see some examples of the harlequin leaves you’ve got. A dose of cal mag might be in order but I wonder if there’s a lockout somewhere.


I appreciate the help and will try cal mag to start.

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I normally harden mine off for a week before moving them into full sun and haven’t had a issue like that @gosurround

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What kind of water are you watering them with?

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Please fill this out with as much info as possible

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its well water

@gosurround…freaky, my well water is 6.4 too
Love my naturally filtered water, no city water chemicals to deal with.

You might want to have your water tested, where I live used to be orchards so lots of chemicals went into the earth here. Sometimes well water isn’t always the best water. Just brainstorming.