Look small to you?

Here’s what it looked like March 5th

March 18
And today
White widow auto about 3 months old flower march 5
7 gallon coco gh Lucas formula nutes/ fish shit
315w cmh 19" temp w/ light 70-5 night 60ish
Ph at 6.0 right now. Everything is on point


I’d say looking good

Hard to say when there’s that many colas. Looks healthy anyway.

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You think that’ll be a problem?

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Nope, just hard to determine how big they are and how much jar worthy bud each will produce is all.


The plant itself is about 20" from top of pot. It’s
20"x36" tent. Fills the tent up. The colas are 12"++ Some are tied down in a elbow shape. That’s how I kept my canopy even. I would bet I get about 10oz ?

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I think they look great man.


It’s only one plant. Thanks

What is your light? Yield will be dictated by actual wall watts and the efficiency of the light. Optimally you will get ~1g/W. You seem to have spread the plant out nicely.

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May be a little leafy for 10, but will probably be close.

It’s a vivosun 315w cmh. About 18-20" above canopy

Do you know anything about the 315w cmh. It’s the 3000k bulb.

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Interesting read on CMH. Not the most effective spectrum for flowering.

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I have 2x 300w roleadro cobs also. You cannot find them on Amazon or roleadro page anymore for some reason. Right now with the cmh, I have 65w per sqft

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Thanks for the link, but it really didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know already. I’d really like to know if the vertical fixture is better than the horizontal one, or vise versa. How low I can hang it. (I have the horizontal)

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I’m familiar with them. What are you looking for?

Sorry I missed this one in last reply. I think you will be better off in your space with horizontal. Vertical may be a little better in larger room with umbrella type reflector.

Just wondering about par and ppdf? I think that’s right. Also how low I can hang it. Right now it’s between 28"-20" I’d appreciate it

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18-20. Sorry

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That sounds pretty normal height. I’ve seen them lower with the big bat wing style reflectors, but that was in larger space too.