Look Ok? Should I top or trim?

Im currently growing 4 plants, 1 Gold Leaf (top left) and 3 Northern Lights feminized. Just started week 5 since germination. The Northern Lights seem to be fairly bushy? Should I top or prune them? I feel like growth under the top layer is lacking light exposure. Also the plant on bottom right will not stop drooping. I water once ever 3 days or so when the soil is dry. So I’m not sure if it’s under or overwatered although one day last week it was fairly humid and reached over 80% and it seemed to perk up. This makes me think it is under watered. I checked the roots and they appear to be fine. They are white as expected. I have posted a pic of a leaf from the same plant. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Tent: 3x3x6
Light: California Lightworks Solar System 550 LED light with spectrum currently set to R49 W99 B99.
Exhaust: 4" 190CFM fan w/charcoal filter
Circulation fan: 6" AC Infinity Oscillating
Heater: Vornado

Temp: ~75 (lights on), 68-70(lights off)
Humidity: ~65
Water: Tap for watering, distilled for humidifier
Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forrest
Nutrients: None at this time

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Looking good. Maybe a bit dark green from a little too much nitrogen. That leaf in the first pic was probably laying on the dirt. I wouldn’t worry about it. I’d definitely top or fim and train photo plants. It’ll lead to a big increase in yield. How many nodes? Most people like to top somewhere around node 5 +/- a node.


I think it’s about 5 or 6 nodes.

It’s time if you want to do it. Pretty straightforward process really. Think growweedeasy has a guide with pictures. You can train the H out of photos. Top them and then bend the branches so that you get good light at all the right places. There are much more experienced growers on here who can help you through that process. A lot of them are probably in bed about now.

I’ve topped plants and left them be in the woods and done LST on autos indoor. If you decide not to top then definitely do some LST at a minimum. Training, high stress or low stress, is the key to increasing yield IMO. Especially when you have a good setup, which it looks like you do.


I’ll take a look there. Thanks for you help!


Glad to help a little. I know about enough right now to be dangerous so I try to offer broad suggestions and let the more experienced growers take it from there.


:point_up_2: I disagree Brother! I’ve been lurking and respect the advice I’ve seen you recommend :love_you_gesture: